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Refreshment technology for touch-free offices

In the not-too-distant future it’ll be possible to navigate entire buildings touch-free. From the moment you enter, to arriving at your desk, you won’t have to touch a single handle, switch or turnstile. In fact, it’s likely that somewhere in the world you already can. 

In the touch-free office, refreshment services will also be automated to reduce touch. Automation was always going to be the next logical step for the office water and coffee industry.

The adoption of touch-free appliances has been accelerated by Covid-19, but the desire for such solutions is part of a long-term consumer trend. Earlier this year Borg & Ovestrom released their first touch-free water dispensing solutions to help businesses respond fast to the pandemic and provide reassurance to employees returning to work. They have designed low-cost solutions that wouldn’t require customers to install new appliances or make complex modifications:  foot pedal conversion kit and touchless water dispensing mobile app. The demand was so high for the mobile app on launch day it temporarily took the website offline. Both solutions can be retrofitted to any existing B3.2 or B4.2 dispensers by our qualified technicians.

As more businesses reduce touch in their offices, we expect demand for touchless solutions to increase. We’re currently looking into bringing in touchless options as standard on all new water dispensers, rather than it being just a retrofit option.

Smartphone App

Control your water dispenser from your smartphone

Enjoy pure refreshment with our new touchless water dispensing mobile app. Now available for download and compatible with all app-enabled Borg & Overström water dispensers

Using Bluetooth® technology, the app enables users to dispense water hands-free. This makes it ideal for use in high footfall locations such as offices and factories. It’s not only functional but gives customers peace of mind that their drinking water is as safe as it is refreshing.

The app is part of our ongoing commitment to design appliances that exceed expectations, particularly when it comes to hygiene. All of our water dispensers come with an in-built hygiene system called Totality®. Other accessories such as the foot operated retro-fit kit are also available through distributors.

Compatible with the B3.2 and B4.2



Foot Switch

Quick and easy touchless conversion

For those wanting another option, try the simple convenience of the foot pedal.

Compatible with the same B3 and B4 water dispensers, the foot pedal is a neat addition to your equipment that turns it into a contactless water dispenser. Simply control the flow of water with your foot. Press to dispense and release to stop.

A hands-free dispenser foot switch can be easily retrofitted by an engineer or qualified technician. It’s compatible with the B3.2 and B4.2 models (including counter-top), both 240v and 110v. It’s also available as a two-way or three-way switch for chilled and ambient dispense options, or chilled, ambient and either sparkling or hot water.


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