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Fox - Easenmyne Beef Range

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We are proud to be a key supplier to hundreds of businesses, from small cafes, boutique bars and restaurants to large hotel chains and eateries across the Channel Islands. 

Working with the world class foodservice suppliers we offer finest Irish and British beef and a wide range of top quality produce for Jersey hospitality sector.

What makes a great beef? 

While many believe that a world class beef make the breed or the region, or packaging on the product, we and our partners believe that five things combined make great beef: FARMING,  ENVIRONMENT,  SELECTION,  AGEING,  BUTCHERY.

Bringing together expertise across those sectors, our partners SlaneyDirect Meats and John Stone Beef  are leading the way in their industry.


“It’s not about race or breed, it’s about taste, texture and flavour of each piece of selected beef .

It’s about returning smiling customers every day at the restaurant.”


Sourced Responsibly

The following are the core principles and ethos of the supply partnership:


  • Sustainable beef production, respecting our environment
  • Economic sustainability at farm level
  • Welfare friendly production
  • Farm Quality Assurance underlying a commitment to food safety and traceability.

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Takeaway Food Packaging

Takeaway Food Packaging With the busy hospitality and outdoor events season just starting, take away food continues to play an important role for the sector.

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