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Would you like that to go? As the weather gets better, diners have one thing on their mind and that’s grabbing a takeaway to enjoy in the sunshine with friends .

Across hospitality, from beach cafés, coffee shops or caterers, it’s important to get your takeaway packaging exactly right.


Being the experts in packaging and materials,, we offer top-of-the-range containers with a vast number of sustainable and compostable options for your business.

Whether you’re looking for premium, economy or environmental friendly food  packaging we have it all:

Hot and chilled food packaging

Pizza boxes

Kraft food platters

Sustainable packaging

Deli pots 

Cakes and desserts packaging

Carrier and food bags 

Disposable hot and cold drinks cups

Disposable cutlery

And more.. 

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The hot food to go market is growing fast, together with the need for more sustainable solutions. We have an extensive range of innovative packaging solutions and new materials, whether your customers want traditional fish and chips or are part of the street food movement.
Our extensive range of food packaging solutions include range of materials from recyclable to compostable, variety of size and styles to suit your hot food to go market from noodle pots to chip scoops top interchangeable tower trays.


Salads continue to be the star of the food to go market and today the chilled food to go market caters for a wide breadth of food from traditional salads to exciting new trends such as sushi and vegan multigrain salads.
The assortment has products designed and manufactured from both recyclable and compostable materials to suit the increasingly sustainable and environmentally focused consumer. The on-shelf impact is important and our packaging can be customised from tamper proof labels to full branding to create a presence on shelf.


We take our responsibility to the environment seriously and appreciate that this is a consideration for many of our customers. As such we offer a wide range of environmentally friendly food & drink packaging products made from natural, sustainable and renewable resources. Our range of range of compostable packaging includes: cutlery, dinnerware, cups, platters, pots and other catering products and disposables. Once used, this range of compostable packaging can be disposed of along with food waste, in commercial composting facilities.


Our Amipak premium pizza boxes are made from high quality green materials.
Perfect for all types of pizzas, garlic bread an other sides, the boxes are available in variety of sizes up to 18″, with corrugated liners. We can supply flat packed boxes, insulated, breathable & odourless boxes. Click the image to find out more.

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