Barista Training

Barista Training

At Fox, we pride ourselves on giving you, the customer, as much training and information as possible. This gives you better control and understanding of the equipment and products leading to consistent quality each time.

We find that a lot of baristas have never officially been trained and it’s just expected for them to know how to use the equipment. You can have the best coffee in the world but add in an untrained barista and you will not get the quality you expect.

We will attend your machine before any training to ensure that you as the client are happy with what we will cover. Before any training happens, we will happily do a FREE initial site survey to ensure the machine is in good working order so it is ready for use by yourselves.

As part of our service, we offer Barista training and cover a range of subjects.


We will provide an overview of your equipment to your staff, showing them everything possible about the equipment and how to stay safe whilst using it. We will cover;

Hot spots – What is dangerous and how to avoid getting burnt.

Pressure gauges – How to look for the perfect bar pressure using the dial and any danger signs including information about the safety valve on the boiler.

Where NOT to stick your hands! Either into the espresso machine or the grinder.

Basic first aid on how to treat burns.

ESPRESSO MACHINE TRAINING – AKA “What does this button do?”

Why it’s important to know which shot button to press? With most people just using one or 2 buttons each time when there are 3 or 4 to use, we will set up the machine to ensure consistent coffee shots for every one using it and also it can reduce the wear and tear on those buttons that get constantly used when there are others to use.

Why not to be afraid and how to handle and use the steam wand. With a lot of people scared about the steam wand, we will show you how to treat it with respect  and build the perfect foam but also how to use it to its full potential without that horrible screeching noise. 

What to look for in a perfect espresso shot. We will offer, not force ;-), to taste the difference between a perfect shot and one that is running too fast or too slow and then how to change it. Being able to try your own coffee is key to being able to notice if there is something wrong. It is essential that your staff taste or, (If they can’t drink coffee), at least know about the coffee they are serving.

Consistent drinks, also known as, why your customers keep coming back to you. We look to ensure each Barista is making a perfect cup each time which will include using thermometers for steaming milk. This ensures consistency and also avoids under heated or burnt milk as some people judge by using their hands. Establishing how many shots go into each drink is essential for consistency for your customers. We will eliminate the issue of people putting how many shots they want to into each drink and establish a standard for all to follow. This will also give you a better control over your costs.

Making the perfect cup. By following the standards set out through the training, we can ensure that your Latte’s is NOT a flat white. Why when making an Americano it’s essential that the water goes in first before the espresso and so on.

The training is not just talking, it’s about showing, doing and then feedback. Don’t be scared to say that you have never been shown certain things, ask away, we’ll then do it, show and then get you to do it to ensure that you are comfortable with it.

It is also important to have fun whilst doing all this training, which is why we provide a relaxed and fun approach and encourage participation and questions.


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