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As fully certified suppliers and engineers for famous manufacturers, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a choice of equipment that suits the customer’s needs but we are also trained and certified to maintain it. It’s not just about selling a machine, it’s making sure the customer is aware from day one how to use it, how to look after it and also what the equipment needs are, both short and long term.

We can arrange for your equipment to be serviced and looked after beyond the manufacturer’s warranty each year. This can be done in conjunction with your yearly PVI. Contact us for details.

PVI, (Pressure Vessel Investigation) certification is required for your insurance company. We can organise a PVI visit, or we can remove your equipment to our workshop for its yearly service and perform the PVI at the same time. We will install a loan machine in its place FREE of charge as part of the service if required.

Not only can we train you on basic maintenance but on how to get the best out of your equipment. We can save you the cost on many popular call outs by simply showing you cleaning procedures to follow. We can also support you with a training as part of taking our coffee or service agreements.


Weekend & Bank Holiday cover available on request ( T&Cs apply)

We understand that a lot of hospitality businesses operate seven days a week and when it comes to maintenance, we support our customers offering weekend and Bank Holiday cover on request. Our trained engineers will do their best to get your machine working as quick as possible!

 If you would like to find out more, please contact us for Terms and Conditions.


Free on loan equipment if yours breaks down or is with us being serviced.

Yearly recommended servicing on wear and tear parts to ensure smooth running. This can be done at the same time of the PVI to ensure piece of mind.


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