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We’re your go-to supplier for delicious drinks, and are delighted to bring you some exciting, fun and flavourful brands. If you’re looking to offer something a bit innovative and enticing, you’ll love these.

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Mogu Mogu

The Mogu Mogu craze is here to stay! This is a fun, colourful brand with a tasty twist, as every bottle is filled with yummy pieces of nata de coco. A popular daily snack and ingredient in South East Asia, this beverage has been popularised on social media, and shows no sign of stopping.

Available in mouth-watering flavours such as Lychee, Grape or Blackcurrant, Mogu Mogu, is certainly something unique – but 100% delicious!


NEW IN! Made with the highest quality sparkling mineral water from the Mediterranean mountains, eauYES is a perfectly refreshing beverage packed with natural flavours like pineapple and coconut or raspberry and lime.

It contains no calories, no sugar and no sweetener, so is a great health-conscious option. Plus, a portion of every sale will be donated to Young Minds via Work for Good. We love a brand who gives something back.

Lo Bros Kombucha

Launched in Australia in 2018 by Soulfresh company dedicated to creating innovative, healthy, and exciting food and beverages.

The Lo Bros Kombucha is crafted with authentic ingredients and methods, featuring live bacteria, cultures, low sugar, and fermentation. All-natural and full of flavor, this slow-brewed kombucha is a blend of sweet tea, scoby, and sugar, resulting in probiotic fermentation magic. Packed with billions of probiotics, Lo Bros Kombucha supports your gut health and overall wellbeing.

Experience the vibrant, living goodness in every sip!

iPro Hydrate

A great thirst-quenching drink with plenty of added benefits, iPro prioritises delicious high-quality, plant-based flavours and ingredients.

Made with Stevia rather than sugar, this low-calorie option is packed full of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals, so are perfect for those on the go or in need of extra hydration.

In 2023, iPRO crossed a major milestone with 100% rPET iPRO Student Edition packaging. The low-sugar juice range for kids has a new and improved tamper band which protects the product and makes it easier to use.

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