Borg & Overström Water Tap System - C2/C3


The C2/C3 water cooler systems bring high-capacity refreshment to any environment. Combining sleek and practical features, this innovative tap system meets demand every time, with a simple pull of the tap levers providing thirst-quenching ambient, chilled or sparkling water. Designed for endurance, the fine engineering and quality construction ensures dependable performance at all times. The water cooler delivers an impressive throughput of 80 litres per hour at a consistent chilled temperature, making it the perfect solution for busy environments.  It includes a compact under-counter unit which means that it fits discreetly into any space. A refined and simple-to-install ventilation kit is included with this system. There is also a range of optional stainless steel drip trays that can be added to your tap system.

The appliance is consistently energy-efficient, making it the most logical choice for the pocket and for the planet.

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