Professional Cleaning Equipment


Professional TASKI® machines clean effectively while reducing water, chemical and energy consumption. Incredibly durable, they’ve undergone some of the industry’s most rigorous testing in the harshest of conditions.

Choose from a vast portfolio of Taski equipment :

TASKI® Auto Scrubber Driers – from small, compact “walk behind” to large “ride-on” machines, TASKI auto scrubber driers provide an unparalleled level of performance across a range of applications.

TASKI® Vacuum – Wet or dry, tub or upright, TASKI vacuums are built to address all your cleaning needs.

TASKI® Carpet Care – TASKI carpet care machines remove dust, provide spot cleaning and revitalize carpet with interim or deep-down cleaning—quickly and easily.

TASKI® Single Discs – TASKI single-disc machines are simply the best—in ergonomics, cost-efficiency, productivity and high-cleaning performance.


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