Billi Instant Water Tap


The innovative Billi on-demand instant water tap products are designed with three things in mind: Design, Functionality and Sustainability. Therefore, for architects and interior designers, Billi taps are the logical choice. The broad range of Billi chilled, sparkling and boiling water taps are suitable for any project, providing instant hydration to teams of workers from 5 to 500. If you have a commercial project, that requires breakout and refreshment areas, we will have a product that works perfectly in that space.

The S.E.T advantage

The Billi S.E.T advantage stands for Space, Energy and Time. For designers and architects with sustainability, and productivity in mind; these are of key importance.

• Space – Under Counter Technology. Billi systems are often installed in space up to half the size of our competitors.

• Energy – Heat Exchange Technology. Our unique heat-exchange system uses revolutionary technology.

• Time – Highest Instant Dispense Cup Rates. The heat-exchange technology gives the best instant cup dispense rate capacity.


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