Cimbali S15


Cimbali S15 – The perfect coffee break exists

The latest entry of La Cimbali  fully automatic range is here – meet  S15: small, yet so powerful; high-tech, yet so intuitive.
With its compact design and its capacity to ensure up to 150 high quality cups per day.

S15 is the perfect ally for office environments or other locations that require medium-low daily performance. Up to 150 cups per day, all with the same unmistakable premium quality signed LaCimbali.   Imagine a coffee break with the taste of a real Italian Espresso, in other words: small, practical, perfect for any kind of location.

S15 is perfect for offices, hotels and small businesses such as mini-markets, bakeries and quick service restaurants.

With an impressive choice of 96 recipes, thanks to its hot foamed milk technology, the embedded powder system and the innovative split-in-two powder hopper. S15 can ensure a flexible menu choice, based on coffee, fresh or powder milk and soluble chocolate beverages.

All systems are provided with Automatic Washing System.

Thanks to the 7” touchscreen, it is very easy to use and customise. The display will show recipes with intuitive icons, so the user select them, set as favourite and even save and transfer to another S15 via USB.

S15 is designed to be connected and to offer all the advantages of IoT. Thanks to the Wi-fi connection, the machine can communicate and it gives the chance to our customers to remotely monitor all features and performance, withouth any need for physical intervention, while sitting comfortably at the office.

In addition, thanks to the Cup4You App it is possible to interact with S15 directly from tablet or smartphone. A new, touchless and intuitive way to manage, customise, and send the orders to the machine.



Quality and new compact design 
Ideal for all environments with medium – low volume .

Coffee and Milk technology :
Wide and flexible menu choice based on high quality coffee and fresh milk beverages.

Smart user experience
Equipped with 7” touchscreen it’s very easy to use and customise

Internet of Things :
Intelligent and smart machine, remote control and CUP4YOU app.


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Cimbali S15 Brochure

Cimbali S15 – manufacturer website

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