SLAYER Espresso v3 Series


SLAYER ESPRESSO – In 2007, Slayer set out to design the best possible espresso machine, no matter the cost. After two years of development, they shook the industry with a revolutionary method for espresso extraction. Today, this high-end flagship product prepares espresso with unprecedented technology and creates a coffee experience with unmatched style.

Slayer Espresso is the gateway to flavour profiling. Patented flow control, enabled by a precision needle valve gives you the ability to manipulate and transform the flavour of espresso. In the hands of professional baristas, the brew actuator becomes a vital tool for finding the best in any coffee.


Some equipment is meant to go unnoticed or to remain hidden, but the espresso machine is a stage. Slayer invites baristas to participate in the art of making coffee for their customers. Hand-crafted components and highly customizable features combine man and machine to create an unforgettable experience on both sides of the bar .


  • Incredible Temperature Stability
    Heats up quickly, unlimited steam capacity, & consistent temperature at the group
  • Patented Needle Valve
    Grind finer and perfect your flavor profile with a restricted water flow rate that produces espresso unlike any other machine
  • Independent Brew & Steam Tanks
    Always have hot, stable water & steam on-demand
  • Handcrafted & Customizable
    Built with both form and function in mind—the choice is yours on wood type, panel color, metal finishes, cup rails, the possibilities are endless
  • Commercial Grouphead
    Equipped with a resettable and life-time shot counter, this grouphead is rated at 1 million cycles
  • Intentional Design
    Shot mirrors to keep an eye on the perfect extraction, low-profile for engaging with guests, ergonomic features that feel good to work on—everything made with the user in mind
  • Made in Seattle, USA, part of Gruppo Cimbali
  • Certified ETL Sanitation* (conforms to NSF/ANSI Standard 4


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Slayer Espresso Brochure

Slayer Espresso


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