SLAYER Steam Series


SLAYER STEAM – launched in 2018 (10 years after flagship Espresso line).

Inspired by demand for a ‘total value’ product line, this set is a three tier product option package for every café type, made using cutting edge technology. Features including programmable pre-infusion, two settings per group, advanced dual volumetrics and classic pump driven extraction just scrape the surface. The quality is matched by aesthetic, with polished aluminium wings, automatic shot lights and four colour options.  “Design is in our nature,”


Utilizing Slayer’s signature design flair, they have developed a machine that uses volumetrics for consistency, classic 9-bar pump extraction, intuitive ergonomics with a massive drain tray stage for smooth-efficient bar flow.


  • Programmable Pre-Wet 0-4 seconds
  • Electronic solenoid steam wands
  • 2 buttons activation with 4 settings per group
  • PID controlled independent brew tanks
  • Password protected menus
  • Shot timers
  • Individual brew temperatures
  • Lifetime shot counters
  • Quick and full clean settings
  • Wing channels to hide hoses and wires
  • Anodized aluminum finish body
  • Powder coated matte black cup rail & wings
  • Centralized heads-up Barista Dashboard™
  • Available in 2 and 3 Group configurations
  • Available in two colors, Matte Black & Anodized Aluminum
  • Made in Seattle, USA, part of Gruppo Cimbali
  • Certified ETL Sanitation* (conforms to NSF/ANSI Standard 4


For more details and full spec please click on links below:

Slayer Steam LP specification

Slayer Steam EP specification

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