Vitro X3 Espresso


The Vitro X3 table top coffee machine incorporates high-pressure espresso technology, providing authentic Italian style beverages on demand. 

The Vitro X3 Espresso Coffee Machine brings you an authentic espresso coffee straight from the bean. The sleek and modern design with smart LED lighting has been developed to make it super easy to use and also enhances the overall customer experience. 

You can use the Vitro X3 coffee machine with the brands innovative “Distance Selection” technology, which enables the user to select their beverage without interacting with the Vitro X3 machine itself. Maximum hygiene for maximum peace of mind. 

If you’re looking for the addition of fresh brew tea to be added to the drinks menu, try the Vitro X3 Duo coffee machine!

This hot beverage machine is suitable for high use, it can also come kitted out with a cup warmer to display your branded crockery.

Features & Benefits

  • High pressure espresso technology, delivering premium fresh bean coffee to larger sites.
  • Fast, reliable dispense, ideal for busy environments. 
  • Touch screen selection or distance selection technology
  • Four canister espresso dispense system bringing a true espresso straight from the bean,  add fresh brew tea to your drinks menu with the Vitro X3 duo coffee machine
  • Has the ability to include soluble coffee and also decaffeinated coffee to increase drink choices and variety,
  • Able to serve regular and go-large drinks,
  • Eco mode to help reduce energy consumption,
  • Base cabinet storage, cup warmer and payment pod options available.
  • High capacity canisters version with large screen also available (Vitro X4)

The independent hot water serving area allows the consumer to prepare tea & delicate infusions at ease with clean fresh hot water.

X3 can product up to 300 cups per day. The New AZKV30 Brewer can produce 7 or 9 or 12 or 14 ozs drinks

Drink Selections available:
Coffee,  Espresso, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Café Mocha, Cortado, Chocolate
Hot Water for tea or other speciality drinks
For very volume location Vitro X4
Accessories to suit your business model 
Designed to suit different operational business models by offering a myriad of functioning modes and accessories.
Vitro X3 supports a cooperative culture in the office, offering high quality coffee, a premium user experience, and a comprehensive hot drinks offer.
It is also the perfect solution for a coffee service in convenience stores as well as for hotels, where breakfast needs to be good but also fast. It offers a pleasurable experience with an attractive, simple and functional design.

For product brochure please clink on link below:

Vitro X Range Brochure.pdf

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