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Introducing best selling Australian natural ranges by Soulfresh

Soulfresh is a fast moving, fresh and innovative company focused on creating healthy, better-for-you foods and beverages. 

Using authentic ingredients and methods, they take food that consumers love and make it a whole lot better, surprising with new tastes and big ideas beyond the plate too.

At Fox we’re proudly bringing you two of their delicious ranges: Lo Bros Kombucha and Nutty Bruce Almond Milk. Read below to find out more…  

Have you ever heard a person say they don’t like bread? Probably not. Everyone loves bread. What better treat than a slice of crisp toast slathered in salty butter after a day out in the not-so-great British weather, or when you’re just feeling a bit glum and gloomy? Bread can be an exciting choice too, especially these days with so many beautiful and unusual breads on the shelves. 

Without bread, where would the buttie be?

Lo Bros Feel Good Kombucha

Live cultures. Low Sugar. Fermentation. With all this going on in every bottle and can, it shouldn’t taste as deliciously brilliant as it does!

Founded in Australia by Didi Lo and his brother, 17 years ago, Lo Bros Kombucha remains carefully handcrafted using traditional brewing methods and the finest ingredients to ensure there are millions of living cultures in every single bottle or can. Low sugar, all natural, vegan and gluten-free, its complex and unique flavour profile makes a perfect refreshing beverage for all occasions.

Just like their drinks, “Doin’ Good” is at the heart of everything Lo Bros do and never has this been more apparent then now, with the brand becoming a Net-Zero Plastic Brand, by taking meaningful action on their plastic footprint and helping to rid our oceans of plastic!

As well as “doin’ good” for them, consumers can be confident that with each sip they also do good for the planet, with every Lo Bros can and bottle sold contributing to the recovery of two plastic bottles from marine projects in Indonesia alongside their partners Seven Clean Seas.*

*Equivalent weight

Nutty Bruce Almond Milk

Nutty Bruce is the ultimate nut milk: activated almonds are the next big thing. 

Perfect for vegans and non-vegans, it helps fit health and wellness into our busy lives by creating a nutritious, delicious and convenient range of plant based food and beverages. 

Delicious in taste, Nutty Bruce is made using a unique extraction method to create a flavoursome plant milk that doesn’t separate. Soaking activated almonds for 12 hours ensures their organic M*lks make zero compromises, with absolutely no gums, thickeners, preservatives, or oils.


To produce Nutty Bruce milk, Soulfresh uses 100% organic almonds from organic-certified farms. The almonds are sourced from Italy, where production also takes place,  to minimise environmental impact.  To ensure there is no wastage, any post-production residual is used for animal feed. 

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