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Good Food Mood Moments

Intimate dinners, big parties, fine dining and on the go. Long breakfasts, quick snacks or ten-course dinners. Weddings, birthdays, and seasonal feasts.

Wherever there is good food mood, we provide the accessories.

Let’s discover the 2024 assortment and set the scene for memories that last.

Here is to fun dining!

Your Spring / Summer  Guide

Spring has sprung, and with it comes a season of renewal and fresh possibilities! Here at Fox, we’re excited to start the quarter by providing you with a wide range of resources to enhance your offering and empower your customers. Everything is designed to equip you with the knowledge, materials and tools you need to help your end users meet the needs of their own customers. 

Our comprehensive range of tableware and accessories ensures you can provide a quality dining experience in an effective way for your hospitality business. Whether it’s premium tableware, napkin ranges or rechargeable and realistic LED candles, these products bring refinement and convenience to every table setting. 

Below we are bringing few ideas that help you transform your venue into a fun dining experience! 

Timeless and Sustainable Designs...

With a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures to choose from, you can find the perfect napkin to complement your unique style and theme. From classic and timeless designs (Duni Elegance) to modern and trend-setting options (Dunilin®), our collection offers something for every occasion.

For sustainable options, we are thrilled to introduce our new Bio Dunisoft® napkins, now available in different designs and colours. Featuring fully renewable, plastic and fossil-free ingredients, the Bio Dunisoft® napkins are here to stay.

The unique binding material (the “glue” that holds the tissue together) is made from organic waste, giving the material its bio-label. Make a switch and be part of the change. 

Let your napkins ignite good food mood and explore the limitless possibilities of creating a sustainable, vibrant and enjoyable dining experience. 

Good food moments...

We’re thrilled to introduce new revolutionary products designed for hospitality. From elegant dinnerware and glassware to everyday buffet solutions, our carefully selected products are created to impress your customers and bring good food moments. 

Our renowned partners: Steelite, DPS Tableware, Arc International and Genware offer a stunning array of products that add excellence and a touch of sophistication to any spring and summer occasion.

Discover the Art of Presentation with Steelite – through a fusion of shape, colour, texture, light, and weight, Steelite stimulates the senses, setting the stage for its customers’ menus and brands and ensuring every dish is showcased with finesse. Genware’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and modern design ensures that every piece not only meets but exceeds the expectations of the discerning hospitality professional. Meanwhile, DPS Tableware brings innovation to the table with its stylish and functional collections, enhancing the visual appeal of any setting.

Whether it’s contemporary flair or timeless elegance you are looking for, investing in premium tableware ensures that every meal is a feast for the senses, creating memorable experiences for your guests during this joyous season. 

Brighter days ahead...

Create the perfect ambience with the right lighting.

Introducing our new cordless LED lamps, from Duni, DPS Tableware and Steelite. Discover the perfect blend of design, functionality, and sustainable lighting. Upgrade your space with our cordless LED lamps and let each day shine a little brighter.

In addition to lamp solutions, we offer Duni LED candles, designed to meet the needs of professionals. They are rechargeable, sustainably designed, and energy-efficient. With Duni LEDs, you can enjoy a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional tea lights with no open flames. Plus, you can instantly change the ambience using the remote control.

If you prefer a traditional approach, we offer excellent candle solutions to help you set the ideal summer evening atmosphere and showcase your food in the best light. Duni candles are safe, burn cleanly, and leave a positive impact on the environment by meeting high-quality standards, and carry RAL certification as a minimum.

Presentation & Display...

Buffet style food service and front of house food displays are becoming increasingly common. With this in mind we have a broad range of buffet service and food display products from the industry experts Steelite and GenWare, that allow hotels and restaurants to create unique and innovative front of house environments that help them to stand out from the competition in this competitive marketplace.

Catering to all types of establishment, our range of breakfast service items, melamine tableware and buffet display bowls, platter stands is ideal for hotels and bed and breakfasts whom are offering buffet style dining. For coffee shops, patisseries and bakeries, our range of cake stands, and buffet risers is ideal for creating unique self-service food displays or serving afternoon tea.

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