Top 5 Drinking Water Trends for 2023..

The world is constantly evolving in response to changing consumer behaviours and trends.

Gone are the days when one would see an extremely heavy and large plastic bottle placed on the top of a basic white water cooler. Today’s consumers are much more discerning and the latest water dispensers are all about reducing single-use plastic, integrating new technology, and providing premium filtered water at the point-of-use.

With over 20 years of experience in the world of water dispensing, we at Fox know the industry insights and trends, and are well placed to provide you with our calculated predictions.

2023 Drinking Water Trends

1. Back to Basics for Health and Well-being

2023’s evolution of well-being is putting trust back into the basic core principles of health: better nutrition, better fitness, better health, better sleep, and better mindfulness. All of these aspects can be greatly improved by better hydration.


While 2020 had us all navigate a global pandemic that emphasised the importance of protecting and improving personal health, we all had to return to simpler and more traditional measures of wellness. Continuing to take a step back from daily pressures and overcomplications, consumers are re-prioritising their health and wellness in a more natural light.


At the centre of well-being, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or social health, hydration will be a core focus of 2023. The emerging post pandemic consumers have shifted their gaze from sugar-sweetened drinks to filtered clean water, staying hydrated naturally.

2. Bubbles, Only Better

While a back to basics lifestyle is forecast to be a focal point in the coming years, sparkling water will stand out as drinking water with a touch of pizazz. As champagne is to wine, a new refined hydrating experience is taking hold and sparkling water will be the bubbly, fizzy variation to filtered plain water. While this demand for sparkling water continues, so will the consumer’s tastes. From filtered water to fruity canned sparkling water, the options of flavours are becoming increasingly diverse and premium as consumer pallets develop to be more sophisticated.

Cordial and other non-alcoholic spirits, mixed with sparkling water, are now moving into the spotlight in both domestic and workplace environments. By infusing the healthy benefits of filtered hydration with the bubbles and taste of sparkling water, consumers will look to enjoy the premium drinking water experience without the footprint.

3. Water Coolers are Cool Again

Now more than ever, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of their buying habits, looking to reduce their plastic consumption and purchase more sustainably. The consumer of today is far more likely to carry a reusable water bottle that demonstrates an eco-friendly mindset than the bottled beverage fads of the past.

What does this mean for water dispensers? Companies and consumers alike are joining the refill movement, turning to point-of-use water coolers as the most sustainable solution offering plastic waste reduction, filtered hydration, and better health.

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4. Technology to Make Your Life Easier

The advance of technology and its integration with consumer’s day-to-day lives is rapidly increasing. From hydration and health benefits in the form of the latest watch that notifies you on best times to drink and exercise, to general business convenience, the evolving technology is becoming quicker to use, more personalised, and more convenient in all aspects of life.


2023 will see the integration of consumer ease features that augment the human experience while industries (including water industry) around the world will have increasing opportunities to provide smart features that will save on energy, support safety elements, and improve a products quality by ensuring an improved versatility and robustness.

5. Clear Water, Clear Conscience

Younger generations are setting more than a trend, but an entirely new mind-set. 2023 will see the rise of the informed consumer who wants clarity and transparency when it comes to their drinking water.

As consumer awareness continues to increase through widespread scientific information, filtration technology and UV (Ultra Violet) purification are beginning to increase in popularity, from taps and water dispensers, to water bottles themselves, integrated methods of quality control are likely to become ubiquitous following consumer behavioural trends.

Supply and demand through locally sourced water with a premium level of protection and filtration, will be invaluable as businesses and consumers alike will prioritise interacting with companies who demonstrate an ethical and traceable product supply chain.

2023 will ask for a new glass box approach that will help answer the consumer’s call for clean, clear, drinking water that is as safe as it is refreshing.

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