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Ultimate Beverage Centre Tips

A coffee corner or beverage centre should be a priority for every business. These areas often become a central social hub for employees, perfect for bringing people together in a world that is full of new ways of working. It’s also a great way to provide staff with a way to take a break, keep hydrated and maybe enjoy a snack or two. The conversations which can take place through different groups and departments coming together can prove very beneficial and promote a sense of togetherness. Perfect to support well-being and a positive company culture.


We’ve compiled some top tips for to help you set up the ultimate coffee station, so you can reap the benefits.


1. Give a choice

Offering a selection of hot and cold beverages is likely to be highly appreciated by all staff. It doesn’t have to be overcomplicated.

Freshly chilled or sparkling water, whether a point of use water dispenser, like the Borg & Overström tap systems, or a water cooler is essential.

A great coffee machine is also a necessity – we love the simplicity and compactness of the high-tech Cimbali S15.

To finish off, a variety of Birchall Tea and some alternative milks are a great starting point.

2. Think Quality

A cup of coffee (or a few!), is a part of most people’s daily routines, bringing them a bit of joy and some fuel to kickstart their morning or give a pick-me-up in the afternoon.

Choosing a quality product is an ideal way to show care and add a little perk. We recommend the Lavazza Expert Coffee Beans range, which offers different indulgent, beautifully curated mixes and roasts. The Lavazza Professional Bean to Cup coffee systems are a great accompaniment, available exclusively from Fox in the Channel Islands.

Additionally, our La Cimbali automatic coffee machines produce exceptional, barista-style coffees, ensuring each cup delivers the rich, authentic experience your staff and customers deserve.

3. Happy, Healthy Hydration

Keeping hydrated is vital for our overall health. Start with the best: Borg & Overstrom water systems offer premium solutions for providing fresh, clean water in your workplace, encouraging everyone to stay properly hydrated. We also offer sparkling water options to add a refreshing twist to your hydration choices.

Although many love a caffeine fix, don’t forget there are some other great options too: decaf is becoming ever more popular, and speciality teas, alongside the classic English breakfast tea, are all super choices to encourage a useful drink stop!

At Fox, we supply a premium range of Birchall Tea and other products that can give your coffee corner an extra boost of variety, showing that your company is committed to employee culture, health and well-being.

4. Be Sustainable

As many workplaces are becoming eco-conscious, providing biodegradable cups, glassware, mugs and giving staff refillable bottles, are eco-friendly solutions. Setting these things up along-side your coffee machine and point-of-use water dispenser will not only reduce unnecessary waste but will also minimise the space required for refrigeration. Many companies are making a mindful effort to offer a selection of healthy snacks and beverages in their vending machines to improve employee well-being.

At Fox, we partner with sustainability-focused tea and coffee manufacturers such as Birchall Tea and Lavazza. These brands are committed to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, ensuring that their products are environmentally friendly and support fair trade. By choosing products from Fox, you can enhance your workplace’s commitment to sustainability.

5. Create Café Culture

Creating a cosy and relaxing area for your coffee corner is a super way to promote good well-being and encourage the chances for some cross departmental interaction.

Placing some comfy seating and tables and chairs which encourage coming together for conversations are helpful solutions to get people to stop and a take a mindful moment or share a moment with another – and research from Psychology Today states that short breaks help boost productivity!

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