What if you could optimise and automate making coffees without having to compromise on quality or consistency? Well, now you can with the LaCimbali Italian-made range of commercial semi- and fully-automated coffee machines – the perfect blend of convenience and excellence in every single cup. This is what makes them the perfect machines for hospitality settings when efficiency and consistently good taste are the name of the game.


Let’s take a closer look at the features of the LaCimbali range exclusively available in the Channel Islands at Fox Trading and why they’re optimal machines for any hospitality venue.

Five reasons to install an automated coffee machine

1. User-friendly

From the traditional espresso machines all the way to the fully automated S30 or S60 models, the LaCimbali range uses elements of automation to ensure the coffee-making process is as user-friendly as possible. This feature either limits or removes the need for full barista training and makes the machines accessible and easy to use for anyone on your team. This provides an innovative technology solution for the industry which continues to face staffing shortages.

2. efficiency

Coffee machine automation ensures that valuable staff time is used as efficiently as possible. Whether it’s the automated milk steamer of the traditional espresso machines or the full automation of the  S30 and S60 range (both of which respond to a touch screen interface), the LaCimbali range plays its part to improve productivity behind the bar or counter of your hospitality venue.

3. The perfect cup every time

Producing perfect cups of coffee which are consistent in taste every time is no mean feat, and it’s something that even very experienced baristas continue to strive for. These machines mean that ambition is within reach for your hospitality outlet. Focusing on uniformity of temperature, texture and flavour these machines ensure that your customers get the perfect cup every time.   

4. Italian excellence

LaCimbali are widely considered to be the pinnacle of coffee expertise and Italian craftsmanship. The machines have been engineered out of a tradition of a deep appreciation and understanding of coffee and are designed to get the best quality product out of the beans.

5. Peace of mind

Those who work in the hospitality industry will know better than anyone that running a venue is often filled with unexpected challenges. If you’re having any trouble with your  LaCimbali machine or it just needs routine maintenance – don’t fret – our maintenance team at Fox Trading are fully trained in maintaining and  servicing your machine and we’ll be on hand to help whenever you need us. You’re in safe hands.

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