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Tea & The Gang

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Enjoy the finest tastes of the ocean with the new product ranges from Pacific West exclusive to Fox this Spring/Summer.

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Premium tea with personality..

Made from 100% premium whole leaf tea, sourced from the best estates around the world, TEA AND THE GANG’S blends offer only the finest ingredients, resulting in that full, exotic, smooth and aromatic cup of tea you‘ve got in your hands right now. 

Influenced by Scandinavian design, this is a tea brand that shouldn’t be locked away in your cupboard. Each blend has a unique design and character to match your mood, or personality on any given time.

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High Quality Ingredients

All of Tea and the Gang teas are made from 100% premium whole leaf tea sourced from the best tea estates around the world, hand blended in the UK .
The need for quality raw ingredients is a key to ensure premium taste hence Tea and the Gang only use suppliers that purchase from the very best estates thus demanding higher prices.


To minimise any negative effect on environment and local community Tea and the Gang only purchase their teas through an approved supplier. Estates who produce the best quality at the higher prices will
constantly be able to reinvest back into the fields, factory and people.

Unique Character & Flavour

Influenced by Scandinavian design, each tea has a unique flavour and character to match your mood or personality, with several blends winning Great Taste 2019 awards. All tea blends are incredibly smooth using only the finest ingredients offering you the best possible cup of tea.


The plastic-free biodegradable tea bags are made from a cornstarch material and for the print on tags, Tea and the Gang use vegetable inks. Everything is then cut, stuck and shaped by intelligent lasers.

Signature Latte Range

These delicious and colorful powder drinks are made from natural ingredients, with no added sugar. It is best to sweeten to taste or always add a little more powder to bring out more colour and add a stronger flavour.

Choose from variety of yummy flavours such as: beetroot and orange, butterscotch tumeric, lavender and apple, mint blue and much more..



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