spring/summer 2023

Finest Seafood & More..

Enjoy the finest tastes of the ocean with the new product ranges from Pacific West exclusive to Fox this Spring/Summer.

We’re your one-stop shop for all things hospitality, so ensure you serve your customers the very best this season.

Find out more about the new product lines and place your order today. 

Discover a world of pastries..

Introducing a new pastry and cake line from our partners Délifrance including new savouries with meat and veggie options and treats like layer desserts and sweet pastries!

Provide your customers with the very best indulgent, artisanal, and hand-made quality products from the baked goods experts.

Read below to find out more about the new range. 

New Savouries

Bacon and Cheese Brioche Knot

Delicious hand-made brioche knot. Made with ham pieces and Emmental cheese. Can be flash baked for a crunchy crust or simply thaw & serve for a soft eat. 90g x 36

Quorn Vegan Ham & Cheeze Crown

A tasty golden-brown flaky pastry, the Vegan crown is filled with Quorn Ham pieces in a smooth dairy-free béchamel sauce. Comes with easy-to-use branded holder,  110g x 40

New Sweet Pastries

Almond Pain au Chocolat

A traditional pain au chocolat style pastry combining two classic flavours: chocolate and almond. Topped with flaked almonds. Ideal as a morning breakfast pastry or an afternoon snack , 100g x 60

Peach and Apricot Filled Pastry Roll

An indulgent and tasty variation of the filled pastry roll. A butter pastry roll filled with an indulgent fruit mix of peach & apricot, topped with sugar nibs, 85g x 60

New Entremets Cakes

Come in individual boxes with ruler to divide into 8 or 12 portions

Triple Chocolate Layer Dessert

A delicious triple layered chocolate cake containing a layer of crunchy chocolate praline followed by a white chocolate bavarois mousse, a dark chocolate bavarois mousse, on an almond sponge, topped with a dark chocolate dusting,  650g x 4

Salted Caramel & Pear Layer Dessert

A layer of light and airy caramel bavarois mousse filled with William pear pieces is covered with a salted caramel flavoured topping , 700g x 4

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