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Five ways vending solutions can improve the working environment

The world of work has been completely shaken up by the global pandemic and it hasn’t been an easy ride for employers and staff alike. That’s why it’s never been more important to invest in your workplace to ensure that your team feels comfortable, valued and appreciated. Here are just a few ways in which the vending solutions we offer at Fox can improve the working environment.

1. Incentivise office working

There’s no doubt that following a period of restrictions on office working, a significant proportion of the workforce are opting to incorporate working from home into their working week. Some of your team may have opted for a ‘blended’ approach where they’re working from home a few days a week and coming to the office on others has become the new normal.

When your team is accustomed to having their own home comforts around them during a working day, it’s understandable that the office may now feel less inviting in comparison. Installing refreshment solutions such as coffee machines, vending machines or water coolers are just small gestures to show your team that you, as an employer, want them to be catered for and comfortable on their office working days.

2. Increase productivity

It may seem counter-intuitive but taking regular breaks has been proven to increase individuals’ concentration and attention spans.

These vending solutions provide a physical, visual reminder to take these short, but frequent breaks throughout the working day.

It also sends a message that you, as an employer, are mindful of your team’s needs and are actively encouraging your staff to take breaks as and when they need.

3. Encourage socialising

Returning to the workplace can be an anxiety-inducing time for your team.  The pandemic has made us all far more conscious about the contact we have with others, but it’s also meant that many of us are socialising less than we used to.

Creating an environment where conversation can flow over the coffee machine or harking back to that good old fashioned water cooler chat could really ease your team into socialising and bonding with one another after extended periods of solely digital communication.

4. Freshen up the office

The working environment itself has such a major bearing on how people feel, and the refreshment solutions could be the starting point for a reshuffle. Consider your new one-touch espresso machine as a centre piece for a new breakout zone in your office space.

Get a few houseplants, perhaps some company branded crockery and some other homely touches and you have a whole new cosy corner in the office! 

This could be used for visitors to be seated, for colleagues to have informal catch-ups and brainstorms or for the team to unwind for a 5pm Friday happy hour!

5. Treat your staff to the best

Ultimately, putting the time and effort into making the office environment a comfortable and enjoyable space to be in lets your team know that you value them, that you care about their needs and appreciate all their hard work.

Treating them to these high-quality, long-lasting refreshment solutions shows that you’re putting them first and prioritising their calm and comfort every day of the working week.

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