Supply Update

JUNE 2022

By Martina McGibney 

Managing Director for Fox Trading  

As we will know from the daily news, the global supply chain continues to be under immense pressure due to the ongoing challenges caused by global pandemic, Avian bird flu, culling of fresh poultry and then shortage in the market place for free range etc and most recently the war in Ukraine.

Alongside increased consumer demand and shortages in supply of products and raw materials, there are additional factors such as staff shortages and galloping inflation which significantly impacting already fragile supply chain.

Mitigating Actions

At Easenmyne/Fox we are working tirelessly to try and mitigate the worst of these product supply issues to protect our customers’ service levels as much as possible. 

Our Purchasing team are using a variety of sourcing strategies including widening our supply base to secure new sources of supply and offering suitable alternative products to customers where the original product is simply not available. 

We have also built extra stock holding, where possible, in our local Channel Island warehouses so that we are best placed to respond to changing customer demand. In addition we are placing advanced orders where possible to reserve stock for Easenmyne/ Fox customers, that is en route to the UK from the Far East.

Foodservice and Grocery Shortages

Despite undertaking all mitigating activities, we occasionally come across supply challenges mainly with foodservice and grocery products where extra stock holding is not possible due to much shorter shelf life. 

This is reflected in the recent stock shortage of Cadbury Flakes which is caused by global supply disruptions and surge in demand across UK and Ireland, according to Mondelez (Cadbury’s parent company). As communicated by Mondelez these shortages are short term and the company is working hard to resolve the situation. The positive news is that we have managed to secure good volume of Cadbury 99 Flakes, due in Jersey in the next 14 days. 

Should you have any questions or comments in relation to the above, then please contact us clicking the button below or alternatively you can contact your account manager.

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