Ice Creams

have just gone a whole lot more chocolatey!

By Tony Sullivan 

Procurement Director for Fox Trading 

Summer is saved! Fox secure chocolate flake stock

Beachgoers, holidaymakers, and ice cream van vendors can breathe a sigh of relief as Fox & Easenmyne have secured a bountiful supply of Cadbury’s chocolate Flakes.

The newly arrived volume has put an end to the chronic shortage of the famous Flakes that are an essential addition to everyone’s favourite summer treat, the ‘99 ice cream.

So, whether you’re an ice cream seller, a visitor to sunny Jersey or an islander who loves a ‘99, you need worry no more!

There are plenty of Flakes to go around for the rest of the summer season but if you’re an ice cream vendor who’s been short on supply, don’t delay – contact your friendly Fox/Easenmyne sales rep today and get your hands on these sought-after snacks before it’s too late!

Fox Procurement Director Tony Sullivan said:

“We’re delighted to have secured over 140,000 of these chocolatey bars for our customers that will secure the famous 99 Ice Cream for the rest of Jersey’s summer season. The ’99 flakes will no doubt be in high demand for locals and tourists alike, so get your order in early to avoid disappointment!

We are working tirelessly to mitigate the worst of the many product supply challenges we currently face and we’re very grateful to our customers for their patience during these challenging times.

We’re proud that we have managed to save the summer and ensure the traditional ‘99 ice cream is available for all to enjoy in the Jersey sunshine! “

To place an order or enquire please contact us clicking the button below or  contact your Account Manager.

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