The new single-use bags legislation in Jersey..

Jersey new single-use plastic and paper bags legislation is coming into effect from 21 July 2022

As we will know from Government of Jersey bulletins and communication, the Government of Jersey Assembly agreed in June 2021 to ‘ban the sale and use of single-use bags” both Plastic and Paper, the objective being to reduce waste and increase the use of ‘re-usable bags.’

This new legislation means both plastic and paper bags must be re-usable and will now carry a cost to the consumer of at least 70pence including GST.  Traders will be given a 6-month grace period (by the Government of Jersey)  to clear any non-compliant stock, so that write-offs are minimised during the changeover.  Therefore, the full implementation of the Law will take effect from 20 January 2023. (links to the official documentation are listed further below) .

Supported by a detailed technical specification of the bags included and exempt from the ban, the new law focuses on eradicating lightweight plastic and paper carrier bags. Removing these single use items from the supply chain supports a shift towards bags that can be reused multiple times and can be recycled at the end of their useful life

There are several exemptions to this legislation, both in terms of the environments for food preparation and sale and the products themselves, due to the fact the packaging forms an integral part of the final product or is essential to protect the integrity of the product during its journey within the supply chain.

You can find key exemptions points further below and full details  are available in Fox update here.

Plastic and Paper Bag exempt under the current legislation

  • Very lightweight plastic carrier bags
  • Paper ‘counter’ bags
  • Integral product packaging
  • Bin liners, dog poo bags and nappy sacks
  • Gift bags

Plastic and Paper Bags banned from importation and supply

  • Lightweight plastic carrier bags
  • Very lightweight plastic carrier bags
  • Paper carrier bags


  • There will be many bag examples that are made up of mixed material types. In these cases, the dominant material, either Plastic or Paper, will be used to determine the product status in relation to being banned or exempt.
  • A bag used for ‘Integral Packaging’ is exempt. However, there are strict rules as to how this is interpreted:
    • The bag must not be double bagged
    • The bag offered to the customer must be for a fixed weight of product
    • The ‘integral bag’ must be the bag that is offered to the final consumer
  • Bags that are exempt must be used for their intended use. For example, Bin Liners or Refuse Sacks must be used as such and not be substituted for another purpose e.g., to be used to transport goods ‘on the go’.


Links to Product List:

  • Fox Range list of Plastic and Paper Bags to be banned (Appendix 1)
  • Fox Range list of Plastic and Paper Bags that are exempt (Appendix 2)



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