Introducing the most advanced water systems to date..

Water dispenser technology reaches a new level of mastery as seen in latest Borg & Ovestrom models .

The next generation of water systems have arrived with the latest innovative models from Borg & Ovestrom : T2 water tap and  B6 water cooler

Packed with the most advanced technology into most size-efficient and office space-friendly dimensions. Available in black and silver, all systems comes with the premium filtration and guaranteed high water quality that Borg & Overström is best known for. End-users can now enjoy refined hydration with digital precision, and distributors can comfortably offer their customers their best refreshment experience yet.

Let’s break down all the best features these exquisite models come with. 

Refined hydration, Digital precision

Introducing the Borg & Overström T2 digital tap

The T2 is a bold yet practical integrated tap system for modern offices and communal workspaces. It’s packed with digital technology for advanced performance, energy efficiency, and hygiene.

Digital precision

The T2 is a next-generation high-capacity digital water dispenser. It combines some of the most advanced dispensing technology with a contemporary design to complement any work area, or communal space.

Refined hydration

The T2 has sleek lines, a contemporary profile, and is finished to the highest standard. With a built-in drip tray and 310mm dispense area for refilling bottles and jugs, it’s also a highly practical solution for modern workplaces

Advanced UV protection built-in

This countertop water dispenser can be factory fitted with the Viovandt™ advanced ultraviolet water disinfection system. Viovandt™ is a mercury-free and chemical-free UV water purification system for water dispensers. This maintenance-free technology uses powerful UV-LEDs to inactivate harmful microorganisms present in the water.

For complete peace of mind, the T2 also includes additional hygiene features via Borg & Overström’s Totality® methodology.

Hygienic dispensing 

The discreet digital touch panel has an antimicrobial coating which helps prevent the transmission of germs via touch.

It’s also Bluetooth® enabled for mobile app dispensing of chilled, ambient, or sparkling water. The app enables users to dispense water touch-free, making it ideal for use in high footfall locations such as offices and factories.

Powered by ProCore™

The undercounter ProCore™ system is compact and easy to install out of sight. It’s also low maintenance and fitted with the new eco R290 gas. The colour-coated GreenCoat® steel construction makes it sustainable and durable.

Easy-to-fit ventilation kit

A discreet, compact ventilation kit is included with this system, which further increases the efficiency of the ProCore™ by allowing a continuous cycle of cool air. It’s easy to install, requiring just one hole to be cut in the cabinet base where it cannot be seen.


The T2 is consistently energy efficient, making it both economical and eco-friendly. It’s also fitted with a low light sensor which sends the appliance into standby mode when the room is unoccupied. The appliance will also enter standby when left unused.

Next generation water dispensing

Introducing the Borg & Overström B6 water cooler

Design simplicity. Advanced technology

The B6 features an industry leading compactness with only 320mm wide, 300mm deep and stands 417mm tall. Depending on its dispense options, the B6 will weigh between 17 and 23.75kg. 

Maximal efficiency in the machine’s overall size means less raw material mined and processed for its creation, in-keeping with our sustainability pledges and actions.

Despite its compact size, the B6 represents the absolute best size-to-dispense-height ratio on the market. The B6 also boasts elite-level dispensing capacity, with its chilled & sparkling output reaching 50 litres-per-hour.


To take the refreshment experience even further, we offer a wide range of accessories. Upon request, your B6 can come with:

  • A waste kit with Bluetooth connectivity
  • A base cabinet, which increases placement options by turning the B6 into a floorstanding machine with a cabinet for the CO2 cylinder
  • 500ml water bottles in the sleek, aesthetic Borg & Overström style
  • paper cups – capacious and 100% recyclable
  • Install kit with 3M filter to ease the process of setting up and running smoothly
  • Sanitisation kit   

Dispensing versatility through superior technology 

The B6 comes with incredible inbuilt technology that makes its diverse output of drinking water types possible. A B6 will come with the power and proficiency only possible through Borg & Overström’s signature innovations. These are: 

  • Dry Chill® – the superior cooling system is a stainless steel coil encased on a solid-black system for instant response cool down action. It operates with an environmentally-friendly R290a refrigerant gas. This cooling system provides freshly chilled (and adjustable) water temperatures between 2° and 11°C.   
  • Eco mode – A revolutionary advance in energy saving software; helping end-users save money sustainably by autoregulating a machine’s idle state without the need for overusing an on/off switch. 
  • Totality® – The unique methodology behind hygiene-assured refreshment which provides an exceptional standard of water safety and quality cleanliness. Totality includes six failproof steps detailed here.  

All these innovations provide a litany of user options. 

The B6 will instantly dispense your water in up to four ways: chilled, ambient, sparkling and for the first time, hot. Where facilities managers once had to face the extra expense of multiple dispensing outlets to cover all these bases, they can now have it all in one. This frees up efforts for distributor and end-user alike. The hot water temperature from a B6 is 92°C, and this too is adjustable.

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