A guide to choose the best water dispenser for the hospitality..

In addition to keeping staff hydrated, most bars and restaurants offer patrons free self-serve water.

Those who value worker morale and excellence in the customer experience will want to provide both staff and patrons with water that is pure, filtered and high-quality. If you’re reading this, you’re likely set on making this happen. 

There are several things the discerning restaurant manager must decide on before they proceed – we hope the short quide below will help with decision making.. 

Innovative Water Tap Systems

Choose location for your water cooler or tap

First, you must decide the location of the dispenser or tap system after assessing the layout of your space.

Bars will already have multiple drinks served on tap, and so a tap system (especially a manual one) will fit the general aesthetic more.

If choosing a conventional dispenser, we recommend countertop units over floorstanding due to saved floor space, though our floorstanding range is perfectly compact too.

Shared or exclusive?

Will this water dispenser be tucked away in the kitchen or another staff only area?

Or will it be out in the foyer, the main dining area or any other place where the public will use it? Will it be shared by staff and patrons alike? 

Either way, our Borg & Overström’s range can be found in many bars and restaurants, and the experience of providing this service has revealed some telling patterns.

Manual or electronic?

The most popular model in this sector is the recently upgraded C2/C3 water tap system.  The main reasons for choosing C2/C3 is high volume output, high dispenser height and manual operation, which makes it more suitable for high use areas. 

The electronic T2 system launched earlier this year is gaining  popularity in this sector due to the advanced technology, minimal design, smaller footprint and Eco mode. 

To learn more about difference between manual and electronic systems please read a manufacturer comparison here. 


The great thing about Borg & Overström range is that regardless of what you choose, you are truly not bound by binary choice in any instance.

For more details about Borg &  Overström water tap systems click here or see model comparison for a complete overview. 

Should you have any questions or would like to enquire, please contact us: 

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