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Discover our innovative range of vegan and organic soft drink partners: Flawsome, James White and Lo Bros Living Drinks Kombucha – available in the Channel Islands EXCLUSIVELY at Fox. 

These suppliers are all about quality, healthy drinks and to top it all off they’ve each got a great ethos at their heart. 

Read below to find out more about the range.. 

The feel-good drinks

Discover our vegan and organic ranges


What started out as a wonky recipe ended up as a Flawsome! company. Founders Karina & Maciek set up Flawsome! in 2018 when they spotted a gap for healthier, tastier juices that would help save food waste.

Inspired by how they were brought up, making homemade recipes with fruits found in their nan’s garden, taste has always been key to anything they do. Flawsome! turns wonky and surplus fruit that would ordinarily be wasted as it doesn’t meet aesthetic standards into drinks. Their products are not only delicious, but they also save at least two fruits in a bottle and help reduce waste and supports farmers!

Since 2018, Flawsome! has been able to bring people together to encourage positive change by saving over 24 million fruit. Here at Fox we’re delighted to be able to work with this new company that has reducing food waste and protecting the environment at its heart.

Browse the full Flawsome! range at Fox here.

James White Drinks

James White, nestled in Suffolk’s countryside, crafts some of the finest fruit and vegetable juices. The key to their exceptional juices lies in using top-notch natural ingredients and embracing robust, distinctive flavours. Beginning with renowned single variety English apple juices like Bramley Cox and Russet, the company has evolved into a major UK juice presser, packer, and bottler since 1989.

James White is committed to delivering the best juices, crafted from the finest fruits and vegetables. Their range extends beyond James White branded organic and classic juices to include notable products like Big Tom spicy tomato juice,  the Beet It line of organic beetroot juice, and Zinger Shots, emphasizing a dedication to exceptional products and production.

James White has actively engaged in over 300 medical and sports performance research projects since 2008, exploring the benefits of dietary nitrate found naturally in beetroot juice. This research led to the creation of the Beet It concentrated beetroot juice range, widely embraced in the sports community.

Find out more about James White’s range at Fox here.

Lo Bro's Kombucha

Launched in Australia in 2018 by Soulfresh company focused on creating innovative,  healthy, better-for-you food and beverages. Soulfresh takes food that people love and makes it better and exciting using authentic ingredients, methods and food stories .

The Lo Bro’s Kombucha range is vegan and made with authentic process.


  • All natural. Full of flavour and alive inside. Slow brewed.
  • Sweet tea + scoby + sugar = probiotic fermentation magic. Those billion or so probiotics and living cultures will help your gut and improve your health and wellbeing.
  • A No.1 Chilled Kombucha in NZ and UK and No.2 in Australia.
  • Delicious, Vegan and gluten free.

Find out more about the Lo Bro’s and Soulfresh range at Fox here.

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