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June 2024

Essential Products
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We believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between a great price and quality ingredients and products. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce our latest Easenmyne Essentials Foodservice Favourites brochure.

Let’s get the summer kicking off with incredible offers, with all the everyday foodservice items which you need to run your kitchen successfully. Don’t forget to sign up or use our Webshop for fuss-free, 24/7 convenient ordering!

Value is key, whilst making sure you get the brands and produce you love and trust.

Foodservice is available in Jersey only

Discover Our Essentials Range

Delicious Dairy

Butter, cream, milk and eggs are a staple of every kitchen, either on their own or as part of most recipes – we can’t be without it. With such a high volume needed, make sure you get the best value with our exclusive dairy offers, from trays of eggs to multipacks of butter.

Fill your Larder

Everyone needs those cupboard essentials and buying in bulk can be a useful tool to support your organisation’s budget goals. Easenmyne make it quick and easy to stock up on commonly used tins, such as baked beans and tinned tomatoes.

Quality Meat and Fish

We never compromise on the quality of our meat and fish products and are proud to work with some of the best suppliers, farmers and producers in the business! Our priority is to get you the best meat and fish products, from bacon, sausages and roasting joins to prawns, salmon and cod fillets, right to your door and for a great price.

New Products To Get Excited About

We love bringing you new products which cause a buzz. Easenmyne are delighted to present some new brands and products we think you’ll love.

  • Koffman’s Frites – Tried-and-tested French techniques meet the best in British potatoes, frozen for freshness, makes for the most incredible crunchy frites.
  • Kingsdown Water – Coming soon to Easenmyne. Keep hydrated with Kingsdown! Available in still and sparkling and two sizes, Kingsdown Water is a great option to your bar and drinks menu. In stylish glass bottles, they look great on any table.
  • Porky Whites – Coming soon to Easenmyne. This family-owned manufacturer was established in 1935, offering premium sausages, burgers and meatballs, with top-quality ingredients from accredited British farms.

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