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Coffee & Beverage Inspiration

Our obsession with coffee is forever growing. Consumers demand higher quality cups, caffeine and service wherever they purchase it from.

The emphasis on presentation has always been vital in creating a memorable experience. This will keep your cafe, hotel or restaurant one step ahead and your customers will keep coming back, not just for great coffee, but great ambience too.

Choose your crockery wisely to reflect your unique brand and style. And serve your coffee menu in the most innovative ways, keeping your cups Instagrammable!


Together with our partners GenWare we are presenting the Coffee Guide collection  to help you prepare a perfect coffee menu and propose the most appropriate or creative ways of presenting each beverage.

Not forgetting of course our great British tea and thirst quenching water ideas! 

In addition to the crockery and glassware ideas you can also explore our latest coffee & water equipment and hot beverage range.

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Coffee Guide

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An intense flavour with characteristics dependent on the origin and roast of the coffee, Espresso is a short drink usually served in a 3 - 4oz cup or glass. Italian in origin, it is the base to most of the coffee drinks.


Quite simply put, Macchiato translates as a coffee ‘stained’ with milk. Espresso with a dollop of thickly textured milk served in a 3 - 4oz cup or glass.


Spanish in origin, the Cortado coffee is similar in texture to a flat white, but smaller in volume. It consists of a double Espresso with thinly textured milk served in a 4 - 5oz cup or glass.

Flat white

This drink changed the game for good when it hit UK shores in the early 2000s, spawning numerous speciality coffee shops all looking to serve the best coffee. Typically served in a 6oz cup or glass, it is made up of a double Espresso and thinly textured milk.


Desired for its stronger espresso flavour, the Cappuccino is built from even layers of espresso, steamed milk and foamed milk. It is very popular in speciality coffee establishments as an alternative to the Latte which usually contains more milk.


Not as strong as other coffees, Latte can be served in several sizes and varies between glass and cup, making it among the more flexible of mainstream coffees. The milk texture is usually slightly thicker than a Flat White, with less of a coffee kick. Like a big, warm hug!


Served in various sizes, this drink, like the Long Black coffee, combines Espresso and hot water, but unlike the Long Black, some people do add a splash of milk.

hot chocolate

A classic for those hot beverage fans with a sweet tooth. This drink is perfect for those in need of a fix for chocolatey comfort. Can be served in mug or glass, with added toppings.


Worldwide known as a British staple, there are five types of tea – Black, White, Green, Oolong and Pu-erh. It's usually served in a glass (herbal tea), ceramic (black tea) or, more traditionally, in a pot.

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