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The stories behind our soft drinks suppliers

When you think of ‘soft drinks’, you immediately think of the classic, go-to fizzy drinks.

Whilst these are great as a refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day (after all, they’re classics for a reason!) But it’s important to offer alternatives as well.

At Fox, we offer a vast range of soft drink options so that your customers can have as much choice as possible, and the chance to try something new.

To showcase our range of soft drinks, here are the stories behind some of the wonderful options we offer at Fox…


Natural, eco- friendly & healthy

Introducing the perfect summer drink options

Going au natural!

A number of the soft drinks we stock in this range are bursting with natural ingredients and are often made with real fruit juice.

For example, the San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling Fruit Drinks are made with 100% natural fruits, ripened under the Mediterranean sun – you can’t get more sophisticated than that!

Whether on their own as a family-friendly drink or used as a mixer for a summertime cocktail hour, your customers can enjoy these authentic drinks no matter the occasion.

Eco - friendly

At Fox, it makes us so proud to support suppliers with their environmental responsibilities at the heart of what they do.

Companies like Radnor Hills, a fifth-generation family-business bottling the pure Welsh spring water, who have committed to sending zero waste to landfill since 2018.

This means that as well as offering high quality products (and aluminium alternatives to single-use plastic bottles) they also support a circular economy, sending any waste, including their plastic, back to the source to be reused and recycled.

Giving back

In addition to environmental contributions, there are other ways our soft drink suppliers give back.

For example, Vita Coco – a coconut water supplier – works to support coconut farmers around the world who struggle against weak infrastructure, outdated farming practices and a lack of access to education.

Their ‘give, grow, guide’ ethos helps these farmers increase their annual yield, diversify their crops, and grow their coconuts sustainably.

They also offer educational programmes to invest in the future generation of these communities.

Health at the heart

Having healthy options is a great way to connect with your customers and offer them a range of choices.

We now stock Actiph Water, Europe’s leading alkaline ionised water – giving a great taste whilst being extra-hydrating. With its pH of 9+, Actiph provides a refreshing alkaline alternative to our increasingly acidic diets.

In addition, the customers are noticing increased energy levels, improved skin clarity and healthy gut. 

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