Kinder Surprise recall by Ferrero

 By Tony Sullivan             

Procurement Director for Fox Trading 

Following customer communication from 7th April 2022, we are advising of further action required in connection with the product recall on Kinder Surprise. 

The manufacturer, Ferrero, have now advised that ALL products within the Kinder Surprise range (manufactured in their factory in Belgium) are to be withdrawn as a precautionary measure. This follows Ferrero co-operating with the Food Standards Agency in the UK and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland on a possible link to a few reported cases of Salmonella. Although none of their products released to market have tested positive for Salmonella, they are taking the issue extremely seriously, and have extended the withdrawal to all products.

Details of the Product Recall :

Kinder Surprise single 20g and Kinder Surprise 20g x 3 pack
Kinder Surprise Maxi 100g: Case size 1×6 (106323)
Kinder Surprise Mini Eggs 75g: Case size 1×22 (106325)
Kinder Surprise 20g: Case size 1×72 (100486)
Kinder Surprise 20g x 3 Case size: T3x32, (100487)
Kinder Surprise 20g Hod 1×192 (105714)
Kinder Surprise 20g: Case sizes 1×48 (106320)

If you identify any product, please isolate the stock and contact us on the following email address:  . We will then arrange for the stock to be collected and the value credited back to you.

On behalf of the manufacturer Ferrero, we sincerely apologise for this matter and any inconvenience caused. We would like to assure you that Fox take food safety extremely seriously and it is for this reason that we have contacted you and asked you to take these precautionary actions as detailed above.

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