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spring/summer 2023

Finest Seafood & More..

Enjoy the finest tastes of the ocean with the new product ranges from Pacific West exclusive to Fox this Spring/Summer.

We’re your one-stop shop for all things hospitality, so ensure you serve your customers the very best this season.

Find out more about the new product lines and place your order today. 

Bringing ambience to the table

Your Outdoor Dining Guide – by Duni

Duni’s range of tableware and dressing ensures you can provide a quality dining experience in an effective, no-fuss way for your hospitality business. Whether it’s their premium napkin ranges or rechargeable and realistic LED candles, these products bring refinement and convenience to every table setting. 

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New seasonal designs

Creativity is flourishing in this year’s design trends. Charming pastel hues, or the vibrant colours of nature: what will you bring to the table? Get inspired by the beauty of the ocean and discover our refreshing designs, a tribute to the many benefits of water.

This season is also a celebration for wild simplicity: minimal design and warm neutral colours, to create a welcoming atmosphere and quality time to remember.

Cosy atmosphere - bring LED lights to the table

Create the perfect ambience with the right lighting. Duni LED assortment is versatile, cost- and energy-efficient, safe and above all – they set a cosy mood.

Take advantage of the warmer season: the waterproof LED lights are perfect for the outdoors. Don’t miss Duni new and awarded design collection – Laponian.

New Bio Dunisoft® napkins range

The new Bio Dunisoft® napkins feature a fossil-free binder made with corn, lemon peels and other food waste. Of course, they offer the same premium quality and delightful softness as always.

They are now available in all 20 unicolours, easy to match with seasonal designs, accessories and your colourful menus! Because the sustainable choice should be the easiest one.

discover our tableware and glassware range

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