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We are excited to introduce NORTHERN BL°C – ice cream experts! 

Led by co-founders Dirk & Josh, NORTHERN BL°C believe ice cream is meant to be indulgent – enjoyed at any time, by anybody. Since 2014 they’ve created some truly exciting, innovative flavours for both retail and food service — as well as perfecting the evolving plant-based ice cream range. Using fresh, natural ingredients and a chef’s approach to flavour, they’re on a mission to do ice cream right.

Based in Leeds, where their creative scientist, world-championship winning, 4th gen Italian gelato master—Manolo continues to drive their pursuit of perfection while experimenting with new techniques, flavour profiles and ingredients. It’s his awesome fusion of science and art that makes NORTHERN BL°C products so great; the molecular chemistry combined with that next-level taste.

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Foodservice available in Jersey only

Have you ever heard a person say they don’t like bread? Probably not. Everyone loves bread. What better treat than a slice of crisp toast slathered in salty butter after a day out in the not-so-great British weather, or when you’re just feeling a bit glum and gloomy? Bread can be an exciting choice too, especially these days with so many beautiful and unusual breads on the shelves. 

Without bread, where would the buttie be?

Bold, Indulgent, Premium

All natural recipes are studied down to the molecular level to ensure no artificial stabilisers or emulsifiers are ever required. NORTHERN BL°C’s range of BOLD flavours are developed and made by their Director of NPD Manolo Imperatori.  He’s a world-renowned ice cream maker and scientist.  With over 100 years of family history in traditional Italian ice cream making in his blood,  Manolo has dedicated the last 10 years to the development of an innovative vegetable-based fibre which we use in our modern ice cream recipes.

This ingredient, exclusive to NORTHERN BL°C allows them to make ice cream that is:

  • Easy to scoop straight from the freezer
  • Slow melt rate
  • Super smooth in texture
  • Lower in fat and sugar
  • Gluten free & egg free

Pursuit Of Perfection

NORTHERN BL°C products are an ice cream / gelato hybrid with a lower air content than other commercial ice creams. They only ever use the highest quality, responsibly sourced, natural ingredients.

Their flavours and unique combinations are BOLD. Most of which have been specifically created for the food service industry and are not available in retailers. 

NORTHERN BL°C are also plant-based pioneers. They believe if consumers want to or need to choose a diary-free diet, they shouldn’t have to compromise. That’s where the vegan range comes in, allowing chefs and restaurants to provide an all-natural, great tasting ice cream for everyone.

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