A guide to choose the best water dispenser for the hospitality..

Scroll down for details In addition to keeping staff hydrated, most bars and restaurants offer patrons free self-serve water. Those who value worker morale and excellence in the customer experience will want to provide both staff and patrons with water that is pure, filtered and high-quality. If you’re reading this, you’re likely set on making […]

Top 5 Drinking Water Trends for 2023..

The world is constantly evolving in response to changing consumer behaviours and trends. Gone are the days when one would see an extremely heavy and large plastic bottle placed on the top of a basic white water cooler. Today’s consumers are much more discerning and the latest water dispensers are all about reducing single-use plastic, […]

Introducing the most advanced water systems to date..

Water dispenser technology reaches a new level of mastery as seen in latest Borg & Ovestrom models . The next generation of water systems have arrived with the latest innovative models from Borg & Ovestrom : T2 water tap and  B6 water cooler.  Packed with the most advanced technology into most size-efficient and office space-friendly […]

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